Do you know about the great cajon percussion?

Do you know about the great cajon percussion?

Schalloch, DG De Gregorio and Nino Bango are popular brands. You can buy cajon from leading web stores at reasonable prices.

Schalloch Cajon with Flames Natural is regarded as the best percussion instrument. Players can sit on top and produce authentic Afro-Cuban and flamenco tone.

I had made a philosophical comment about the partition of India:Altaf Hussain

“I had made a philosophical comment about the partition of India. It is a blunder because it divided the power of Muslims of India into three parts. Muslims would have been a powerful political force in united India, “ Mr. Hussain deplored that people distorted his statement and presented me an anti-Pakistan leader.

“People who dismembered Pakistan kept me away from the people of Punjab. I need the support of Punjab’s young people. I can change the system of government in Pakistan if I got their support, “ Mr. Hussain appealed.

“ I appeal to students and young people of Punjab to try me as brother. I live and die for Pakistan. No power has been able to subjugate me yet. I want to see a strong and stable Pakistan, “ Mr. Hussain said.

etude saxophones

Experts recommend etude saxophones for students. They say the maker used fine metals to make them. That’s why they produce highly tones. Its keywork, pads and adjustment system have been designed in such way that a player can easily do his work. Experts recommend that students should buy a new product to learn how to set it up. Otherwise they will not be able to pay it smoothly.

Karachi Food festival










As I have told you in my earlier blog post that Karachi’s people are brave and resilient. They love to enjoy life despite precarious law and order situation in the city. Taahira Booya tells us about a food festival which was held in Karachi recently. People in Karachi look out for this kind event and participate in large numbers with their families.

The Maharashtra government has set a bad precedent:Sanjay Dutt Parole extensions.

sanjaydutt-paroleDelhi has asked the the Maharashtra government to explain why it has release Sanjay Dutt on parole thrice in 9 months.  The government is justified in seeking explanation. This kind special parole extensions has not gone well the ordinary Indian. Will the state government give same consideration to a poor prisoner in the jail.

The Maharashtra government has set a bad precedent.

Banjos at guitar center

One can buy Banjos at guitar center at reasonable prices. A Banjo is a popular musical instrument. It is used my young musicians in their songs. We have seen Indian musician Rahman who uses all types of equipment in his songs. Rogue, Deeering, Mitchell and Recording King are popular banjo brands.

Karachi’s resilient people


Model Iqra Faiz stands by a rack of designer clothes backstage during the first day of Fashion Pakistan Week in Karachi.

Karachi has become a dangerous city. Violence claims 10 –15 lives a day in the city. Crimes have reached at a alarming level. Police and Rangers have failed to provide protection to citizens. Despite lawlessness people are busy in their daily lives. I admire the courage of the people who had organized fashion week in Karachi despite the presence of Taliban in city and gangsters.

Facebook has decided to acquire WhatsApp

Facebook has decided to acquire WhatsApp. They will pay $16 billion dollars and give Facebook to the owners of the popular service. WhatsApp has 450 million active user. It is said 70% of these active users use the service on daily basis. The question is: how would Facebook use the service along with Facebook?

Do you know the importance of megazyme?

Do you know the importance of megazyme?

These enzymes are close the the natural enzymes of our body which helps digestion and other other things. There are many products available in the market which have introduced megazyme products. Super B15 TMG is one such product

Arshad Warsi under observation

Arshad Warsi has been hospitalized after an accident on the set. It is said he banged his head against the metal trolley on which camera was mounted during a stung. He was tweeted that he is fine and under observation. The news reports it was fatal accident.

”Big THANK YOU to all of you who care for me. I am fine & under observation. All I can say is I was very lucky, I think God really loves me”

Arshad Warsi is my favorite actor. I enjoy his performances in different films. I pray for his speedy recovery. I love these film starts. They bring laughter and happiness in our life.